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PayPal Checkout Instructions

Below are instructions for using the PayPal Checkout. You can pay by using a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account.

Step 1

After you click the submit button, the Order Summary screen will appear. Click the yellow PayPal Checkout button to continue with your purchase.


Step 2
On the Pay with PayPal screen, enter your email address. Then choose to pay using a credit/debit card (white button) or a PayPal account (blue "Next" button). You must enter an email address whether you are paying by credit/debit or using your PayPal account.


Step 3
On the Pay with Pay debit or credit card screen, enter your email address again, phone number and card card information.


Step 4
Upon submission, you will see a Thank You message from our beneficiary, Safe Monroe. A receipt will be sent to the email address you supplied.

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